Why is Scott Cowan.me here?

Thanks for dropping by.

This site is going to be my directory for all sites that I have going running online at any given time. From here you will be able to find out just about anything you might want about me.

Scott Cowan

Scott Cowan Tacoma Area Real Estate Sales

There are going to be links to every site that I am working on. Most will be real estate related as that is what I do for a living. I sell real estate in the greater Tacoma Pierce County area of Washington State.

I will also be publishing articles about anything that I feel I need to share with the general public. Think of this as a giant personal journal. I might also be considered a vanity site as well. One of the great things about the Internet is that anyone with a connection to the net can publish. The bad news is that anyone with a net connection can publish. I hope that I will more often than not be delivering something of value to those of you that read my postings.

Additionally this will be an ongoing experiment on how I can develop my online search engine optimization skills. Afterall since my name is Scott Cowan you would think that I should be able to rank this site number one in Google for the search phrase “Scott Cowan” Let’s see how long it takes me to do this. This is going to be interesting as Google will have an issue if I use my name too many times. Currently when I search for my name with quote marks around it I rank 5th! If I search for my name without quote marks I rank 6th!. So as you see I have a ways to go to meet my goal of name domination! I will be doing regular updates on my ranking. As with all experiments the results might be surprising.

If you want to contact me you can find out the various ways to reach me by reading my About Scott page. Also you can simply leave a comment here on the site. In fact I welcome comments as it is always good to know people are dropping by to see what is going on.

Here’s to a grand experiment. Thanks again for dropping by. Don’t forget to sign up for the updates.

Best wishes,


Scott Cowan


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