About Scott Cowan

All about Scott Cowan

What can I say about me that you will find interesting?

  • Father of two fantastic kids. My greatest joy in life.
  • Tacoma area Real Estate Agent
  •  Avid reader
  •  Baseball history buff
  •  Modern Football fan
  •  Food lover
  •  Aspiring blogger
  • Contributing author on national real estate industry blog.
  • Music lover
  •  and much much more. Oh yes and I just became engaged to be married.

I grew up in Tacoma Washington. I swore when I left Tacoma for college that I was never going to live here again. Funny thing about never. It sometimes is a lot shorter than you think. I am back living in Tacoma after 20 years in Seattle and Ellensburg.

I Attended Central Washington University and have been known to say my Freshman year was the best six years of my life. While at CWU I spent most of my time studying Economics and Finance.

Varied work background. Starbucks Coffee Company, Nintendo, Nabisco, Tacoma Goodwill, Egghead Software and various real estate companies. Having settled on real estate as a career due to two major factors. First I truly love what I do. Selling real estate is a wonderful way for me to make a living. Second I realized that I am not a good employee. Better to work for myself doing what I love than working for someone else.

I spend a lot of time online and find myself always drawn to the wonders of the Internet. I have been actively online since the mid 1980’s starting with a 300 baud modem. One of the things I have come to accept is that there will always be something new and wonderful just around the corner. One needs to make sure that they are happy with what they have today.




If you need to contact me you can reach me via email scott <AT> scottcowan.me

Thanks for dropping by!

Best wishes,

Scott Cowan
Tacoma, WA